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All services take approx. 2 hours depending on package and condition of vehicle
*If you are purchasing a coupon from a online website, please see our full details below*

Silver Package   
                                                                                         Hand Wash and Vacuum                $30

 From $60 (Vans/Suvs $80)
                                                                                                                             Pet Hair Removal                          $50
Hand wash exterior                                                                                               
Interior Shampoo(floors and seats)
Vacuum interior                                                                                                   Salt Stain Removal                       $30

Gold Package                                                                                                       

 $125 (Vans/Suvs $145)                                                                                    Engine Shampoo                           $35

Includes all of Silver package plus 
Door Jams                                                                                                            
Hand Wax
Tire Shine

Platinum Package

$200 (Vans/Suvs $230)                                                                           *All Prices Vary Depending on Condition of                                                                                                                           Vehicle

Includes all of Gold package plus                                                              *Extra Charge for Vans/Suvs/Crossovers
High Speed Buff and Wax
Engine Shampoo
Salt Stain Removal

*If you are purchasing a coupon from a online site, please remember the following before purchasing:
-Extra charges will apply if your car has excessive dirt. This may include pet hair removal, salt stain removal, excessive dirt or sand removal, excessive stain removal.Your car will be assessed prior to detailing and the choice is completely yours. You will never be pressured into paying anything you do not wish to pay. Please be mindful that if a full price package was purchased, these extra charges would still apply.
-The staff have many years in the detailing industry and are trained to access your vehicle. They are not to be negotiated with. 
-Please keep in mind, that each online company has it's own refund policy. Bizzy Boy is not responsible if you are unable to get a refund due to it being past the refund policy. 
-You must use your coupon before the expiry date or only the amount paid will be valid as a discount towards the full price of the service.
For more information or for any questions/comments please contact, Elena, the owner directly at

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